Criminal Defence

As a criminal defence lawyer, I advise and represent you in all stages of proceedings and all areas of criminal law.

As a matter of principle, I do not defend against accusations of crimes motivated by right-wing ideology.

Procedural stages
If you are accused of a criminal offence, it is strongly recommended that you consult a lawyer during the investigative proceedings. Often, the criminal charge can be dismissed before the arraignment (Anklage) or the proceedings can be settled by other means.

Order of summary punishment // penalty order (Strafbefehl)
If you have been served with a order of summary punishment (Strafbefehl), it is possible to lodge an objection (Einspruch) within two weeks and thus take legal action against it. This is advisable in many cases, but should only be done after a thorough examination by a lawyer, as it is possible that a more severe sentence may be imposed in the subsequent main proceedings. I will advise you whether and to what extent an objection (Einspruch) is advisable.

Legal remedies (Berufung/ Revision)
If a sentence has already been passed against you, it is advisable to examine any legal remedies (appeal or revision) and to file them if necessary. I am at your side in this regard as well.

Areas of criminal law
I defend you in all areas of criminal law.
This includes general criminal law (e.g. bodily injury, fraud, theft and robbery offences, and homicide) and in particular narcotics and juvenile criminal law.