Johannes Heisenberg

Johannes Heisenberg

I successfully graduated from law school in Berlin in 2017 with the first state examination (1. Staatsexamen).

During my subsequent legal clerkship at the Higher Regional Court of Berlin (Kammergericht), I was able to deepen my focus on criminal law. I worked for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office and the renowned Berlin criminal defence lawyers Olaf D. Franke and Benjamin Düsberg.

After completing my second state examination (2. Staatsexamen) by the end of 2021, I started working as an independent criminal defence lawyer.

For me, criminal defence is the dedicated fight for the rights of the defendant who, in criminal proceedings, is confronted with the sometimes seemingly overpowering criminal prosecution authorities.

I see it as my duty to help enforce the rights of the defendant within this unequal distribution of power.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality are my highest priority.